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PNF is a concentrated liquid fulvic acid extracted from HNC with the Japanese technology. Application of PNF is for hydroponics, floriculture and aquaculture.

LENGTH x HEIGHT x WIDTH; 25.5 x 24.0 x 24.5 (CM)
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What is PNF?

PNF is miraculous organic quality liquid with the electrolyte. An electrolyte ion substance of Fulvic Acid let a cell activate of animal and plant. If the ion balance of the plants and animals have collapsed, the disease will be broken out. In addition, PNF chelates minerals and other elements.

Effect on Poutlry & Livestock

PNF can make feeding more cost-effective by helping poultry and livestock to absorb more minerals and micro nutrients from feeds, and contribute to the better productivity.

Also PNF can improve the environment of poultry and livestock houses, which can maintain health of poultry and livestock, and make the immune system stronger.

Applicable areas

Application method

1. Mixing with drinking water

2. Spray to poultry and livestock house

Process chart

Dosage (Poutlry & Livestock)

Purpose Dilution rate Effect
1-1 Application at Infant Stage 0.1% Improve Disease Resistance, Absorption of Nutrients and Minerals, and Feed Conversion.
1-2 Application at Growth Stage 0.05 - 0.1% ame as above
*Note:1. It is very important to apply at the Infant Stage.
2 Fermentation of compost 0.1% Promote Fermentation inanimal manure Deodorization
3 In-House Environment 0.1% Eliminate Environmental Pollution Deodorization

Effect on Agriculture

PNF can improve the fertilizer efficiency by its chelation ability for unavailable nutrients, so this can minimize the loss of fertilizer to maximize the growth of plants.

Applicable crops

Application method

  1. Foliar spray (promotion of photosynthesis, disease resistance, keeping quality)
  2. Drip irrigation to soil (chelation of nutrients, aggregation of soil, growth of beneficial bacteria, prevention of drought)
  3. Mineral nutrient solution for hydroponic cultivation

Process chart

(Better environment)
(Effective nutrient absorption)
(Better productivity)
Soil aggregation Root growth Chelation of nutrients More photosynthesis
  1. More water holding capacity and CEC
  2. Prevent drought & improve fertilizer efficiency
  3. Prevent soil erosion
  4. Help for more growth of beneficial bacteria
  5. More resistant to soil borne diseases
  1. Soil is aggregated, Improve for root development
  2. PNF also can stimulate the root growth.
  3. More and better water holding capacity and CEC to prevent soil borne diseases
  1. Chelate nutrients which are easily fixed with soil, and are not available for roots
  2. Improve the absorption of nutrients, and minimize the loss of fertilizer and soil borne diseases caused by excess fertilizers
  1. More available iron ion with chelation.
  2. Improvement in photosynthesis with more available iron for better yielding.
  3. Healthy growth and more resistance to diseases

PNF can improve the yielding and quality of flowers, vegetables and fruits with longer shelf life by maintaining plants healthier, which can improve disease resistance, and reduce the use of chemicals

Dosage (Agriculture)

Purpose Dilution rate Application method Effect
1. Seedling 0.05% Application toseedling media
  1. Promotion of root development
  2. Improvement in absorption of nutrients
2. Irrigation to soil Through drip irrigation
3. Foliar spray Foliar spray every 7-10days
  1. Promotion of photosynthesis
  2. Reduction of Nitrate Nitrogen
4. For hydroponic cultivation Mixed with mineral nutrient solution
  1. Promotion of root development
  2. Improvement in absorption of nutrients
  3. Minimizing diseases in water
Note :
1. PNF can be mixed with fertilizer, fungicide, and pesticide.
2. After vegetative growth stage, Foliar spray is the most effective application way.

Effect on Aquaculture

  1. Improve growth rate, feed conversion ratio and fish hatching rate.
  2. It is effective for juvenile health.
  3. Improve water quality in the aquatic farm by eliminating environmental pollution.
  4. Enhance quality of products by improving taste and color.