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Litter Max PB

Litter Max PB is the semen extender which was developed only with food grade materials. Litter Max PB can improve the productivity by increasing the conception rate.

LENGTH x HEIGHT x WIDTH; 27.0 x 17.0 x 54.0 (CM)
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About Litter Max PB

  • All the materials are foods and food additives, and this product is manufactured under strict sanitation condition
  • Fine granular powder form
  • Good solubility and dispersibility into water, so the sperms can be coated and protected from physical stress
  • Enhances the motility and viability of sperms

Application Method

  1. Mix one pack of Litter Max PB with one liter of water at 30-38°C
  2. Dilute the solution with semen very carefully (temperature between the diluent and semen should be less than 1°C)
  3. The dilution rate for semen is ranging from 1:7 to 1:15
  4. Avoid sudden changes of temperature
  5. Preservation temperature should be 15-17°C

Preservation method

Store in cool place without sunlight
Must be used after opening


  • Only for the use as semen extender for Swine
  • Not pharmaceuticals, or feed additives, or feed

Comparison with leading products

tests conducted at 12 farms

  1. Solubility, dispersibility : Better
  2. Viability and Motility 7days : Better
Test for conception rate

conception rate of 2 billion sperms: > 95%

Increase of piglet production per sow

(other products)10.8 :13.1(Litter Max PB)